SHOrSem 2021 “Oras” welcomes ASHS Juniors to their new home

By Regina Elaine Vendivil

The second virtual Senior High School Orientation Seminar (SHOrSem) 2021 “Oras” kicked off the school year last August 3 and 4, 2021, as the Juniors are now off to their 2-year journey in the Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS). 

The SHOrSem is an annual 2-day welcoming event for the Juniors with the goal of orienting them about what they can expect in the coming school years here in the senior high. 

This year’s theme “Oras”, which directly translates to “time” in English, aims to symbolize the short amount of time the Juniors have in ASHS, especially now that we are still in an online setting. 

The first day started with the school hymn Song for Mary, followed by the speech of the principal, Mr. Noel P. Miranda, the discussion of modules along with the Sanggu 101 which took the Juniors on a journey of getting to know the councils in ASHS, and ended with the Sanggunian President’s speech. 

Photo Source: SHOrSem Committee

SHOrSem Day 2, on the other hand, commenced with the SHOrSem Core and their speeches, the campus tour which gave the students a look at the ASHS building, the continuation of the modules, before finally concluding with a mass.

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Photo Source: ASHS Sanggunian on Facebook

One of the most anticipated events in SHOrSem, the Org Fair, also took place during the second day wherein Juniors were given the opportunity to address their questions and concerns about the organizations they’re interested in. 

In an interview with Alyssa Marie Lagman, SHOrSem Head, and Emili Joy Capule, SHOrSem Co-Head, they explained the whole planning process of the committee before they were able to hold a successful event.

Capule shared the different phases they had to go through while planning for this long-awaited event, together with the responsibilities each committee has handled. 

She also took the opportunity to express her gratitude towards the SHOrSem Core, and to Mrs. Inez Crisostomo, the Moderator-in-Charge for SHOrSem and currently the Student Activities Coordinator. 

“A huge shoutout to our committee heads– none of this would have been possible without your eagerness and dedication to the job. We would also like to express our gratitude to Ma’am Inez Crisostomo who has been avidly guiding us through everything,” said Capule. 

Despite the well-organized and jam-packed activities that were presented to the Juniors, experiencing difficulties during the planning process was definitely inevitable. 

Lagman mentioned that the time given to prepare for the 2-day event has been a challenge, but thankfully, they were still able to pull through with the help of the whole SHOrSem Core and Committees. 

“It was both thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time…The late turnout of events eventually led to problems we hadn’t anticipated as well,” Lagman said. 

Nonetheless, they were able to overcome these difficulties by keeping track of their timetable, having open discussions, and improving their overall communication, which helped them manage other problems more efficiently and effectively. 

One of the challenges brought by the online setup would be making friends and interacting with our classmates. With that, our Alyssa and EJ have some tips especially for you, Juniors!

Alyssa: “Two years is really just a grain of sand tossed through the winds of time. The mistakes you make, the fear you feel, or the worries you have for today wouldn’t even matter… Remember that you’re all new to this, so feeling anxious about it is valid and part of being human. But don’t let this fear hinder you from creating meaningful relationships with others: take initiative and try to be the first one to reach out… Start by taking small steps… It all seems daunting at first but, eventually, you’ll look back and see that all these make up the most rewarding experiences of your ASHS journey”

EJ: To our beloved Juniors, your Seniors are thrilled for this upcoming school year as much as you are! Two days of SHOrSem may not be enough to teach you all of the “must-knows.” Nevertheless, we want you to ride the tide and embrace individuality during your stay in the ASHS. Just like how the saying goes, this is the place where we belong. Find your home in Ateneo because you will never be estranged… I want you to release that tension in your mind and simply trust the process. The thought of reaching out to people you barely know and the fear of being alienated might even be the two distant concepts that you are pondering on right now… Take some time to figure it all out because, in the end, it will change your life’s rhythm.

To conclude the whole event before regular classes start, an online schoolwide concert entitled “Krono” will take place on August 6, 2021, at 6 PM which will feature various performances from the organizations in ASHS including iNDAK (Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan), Broadway Theater Troupe of Ateneo, Music Industry Organization, Glee Club, Symphonic Ensemble, and more. 

To be updated about the schedule and line-up of the concert, visit the ASHS Sanggunian’s Facebook page,

Welcome home, Juniors! 

Photo Source: ASHS Sanggunian on Facebook