Ateneo community reflects on hidden joys at the sixth day of Simbang Gabi

by Ana Rufa Padua

The Ateneo community gathered and celebrated the sixth day of Simbang Gabi early morning of December 21, 2021 with Fr. Jonjee Sumpaico as the mass presider and the Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS) community as the sponsor. 

Photo by Justin Delas Armas

The Simbang Gabi is a nine-day novena mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary in preparation for the nativity of Jesus Christ.

As the mass began, Fr. Jonjee mentioned how the readings from the mass were a “replay” from the previous week, and the reason for this repetition was due to its importance, while he recalled later on that yesterday was the Annunciation, today was the Visitation, and tomorrow will be the Magnificat of Mary.

Fr. Jonjee then proceeded to talk about joy as he mentioned the statue of Elizabeth and Mary in Ein Kerem.  

“We see a joy that can be seen, but we feel a joy that can be felt…There are hidden joys that we would have to look out for in life, and sometimes these hidden joys can only be seen through the eyes of faith,” Fr. Jonjee preached as he talked about the statue of Elizabeth and Mary as they held John and Jesus in their wombs.

During the homily, Fr. Jonjee urged the audience to reflect on their experiences and look for the “silver linings of life” as this was a part of our prayer and the engagement that God gave to us.

For final announcements, the university urged everyone to continue donating and offering for the victims of Typhoon Odette. You may donate through any of the following channels:

  • Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc.: 3081 1144 54 (BPI)
  • Ateneo de Manila University: 3083 7210 56 (BPI)
  • Tanging Yaman Foundation: 9601 0002 42 (BPI)

The university invites everyone to join them for the remaining days of Simbang Gabi, as well as the Christmas Eve mass and the Christmas Day mass, also at the Church of Gesu.

Words of acknowledgement for the people who made liturgy solemn and meaningful were also given, especially to the ASHS Choir as sponsors, servers from the Church of Gesu, and Fr. Jonjee Sumpaico, SJ.

The mass concluded with the final blessing from Fr. Jonjee, “As blessings are being given to you, blessings are also given through you.”

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