Polls and Polarity

A few months before the election day was held, a myriad of polls and surveys from differing institutions kept popping up, notably favoring the same people. This gave rise to the question of whether or not these polls are truly believable, despite the identified ‘red flags’ on a polling institution.

General Prophecies

Like a mythical being with no tale of truth, you take on more names and forms than any other yet nothing could ever be deemed absolute. The strand with the stowaways, the strand with characters, the ones who can’t bring their minds to be made, and the fantastic jack of all trades.

EDSA: A legacy beyond freedom

As a child, hearing stories about the EDSA Revolution made it out to be the epic and climactic final battle of the Filipino people against tyranny, corruption and all other oppressive forces that existed then. The Filipino people were able to act as one and use their collective power to vanquish all that was evil and wicked from our country, and this was how I perceived the EDSA Revolution.

To You, 10 Things I Love About You

In this letter, I’ve listed down 10 things I love so dearly about you. Truthfully, I feel as if I could write about a hundred more.

Colors in Philippine Politics

In the Philippines, politics has become a war of colors. Election campaigns are led by vibrant hues — with pink-hued motorcades around the city, blue waves visiting corners, and small towns painted in red. The color of each candidate decides the history that precedes them and the future that they promise. It is their way of imprinting their collective identity and sending a message. Every action of theirs, down to their chosen color, is a chess piece in political warfare.

Are “Eco-Friendly” Alternatives Really Eco-Friendly?

A single plastic straw’s influence on the environment is unquestionable; what more with billions produced and discarded annually? This situation had given these alternatives a new purpose: metal straws, paper straws, rice straws, and other straws made out of decomposable and organic materials had risen in popularity among the masses recently; yet many beg to question the potency of these alternatives to the contemporary plastic crisis.

The East Wind Blows: The Plight of Marginalized Sectors under an Exploited Climate Crisis

“The wind was like a whistle coming from the core of the earth.” Marinel Ubaldo reminisced. The earth sang to her — a paradise that was a safe haven for her and the people she called home. A cacophony of sounds brought life to her little world in Matarinao. She had grown to love her own corner in this world, yet it all went adrift because of the very thing that kept her hearth alive.