Katutubong Wika: Perlas ng Perlas ng Silanganan

Sa pagtatapos ng buwan ng Agosto ay siya ring pagdaan ng pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa. Ngayong taon, umikot sa temang “Filipino at Mga Katutubong Wika: Kasangkapan sa Pagtuklas at Paglikha” ang naturang kaganapan. Sa pagpasok ng buwan ng Setyembre, balikan muna ang yamang mensaheng dala ng tema, anong gandang-paraluman nga ba ang dala ng Katutubong Wika?

Political fanaticism’s role in the decay of decency

A shooting incident at the Ateneo Gate 3 was reported July 24, 2:55 PM. As of 5:45 PM via Rappler News, Quezon City Police confirmed that at least three people were dead and the suspect is said to have already been captured. 

To You: Ten, Twenty Years from Now

I usually don’t write letters—let alone address myself with something urgent, but I really want to put this out there. Know that I am not setting this as a burden for you, nor am I expecting you to fulfill my aspirations for ourselves, ten, twenty years from now. Amid the chaos-engulfed prophecies and dystopian futures, I would really love to have an optimistic view of how we, our nation, and the world we live in, evolve into an idealistic version of itself. However unfeasible it might seem, there’s no telling what could and would happen.

AdjusTHINGS: Soaring to Manila

With face-to-face classes slowly going back to full swing and people from all over the country (maybe even the world) coming to Manila to stay, some big adjustments have got to be made. May it be navigating through a new area, making sure not to forget your keys, or figuring out what to eat the next day–we’ve got you covered. So if you’re nervous about your big move to Manila, worry not because here are six useful tips on just how to survive your stay!

5 Flavors of Ice Cream

Chocolate, strawberry, bubble gum, vanilla…

There are a lot of flavors to choose from. Just like ice cream brands and ice cream flavors, there are a whole lot of different versions of people happening this summer. From you explorers, to you summer workers, to you social butterflies–truly a whole array of choices out there. Now the question is, which one are you?

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The Rainbow in the Stream

Representation is a struggle, especially amid these times when mainstream media becomes opportunistic for profits and attention, without having to put much thought into the characters they are supposed to put representation into. Nonetheless, there are those few roses among the thorns that provide realistic and relatable characters in their struggles in living in a heteronormative society.

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Pubmat by Raymond Tayag

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…dahil pagtapos ng ulan, may bahaghari

[LATHALAIN] ANG PRIDE AY PROTESTA. Mananatili ang paglaban para sa pantay na lipunan.

Ngayong buwan ng Hunyo, maglakad sa pasilyong pula, kahel, amarilyo, luntian, bughaw, at lila—pasilyo ng pagkamit ng katarungan.

Sulat at Pubmat ni Renee Tolentino

Polls and Polarity

A few months before the election day was held, a myriad of polls and surveys from differing institutions kept popping up, notably favoring the same people. This gave rise to the question of whether or not these polls are truly believable, despite the identified ‘red flags’ on a polling institution.

General Prophecies

Like a mythical being with no tale of truth, you take on more names and forms than any other yet nothing could ever be deemed absolute. The strand with the stowaways, the strand with characters, the ones who can’t bring their minds to be made, and the fantastic jack of all trades.