Hopeful Future Ateneans gamble with return of A-SHAPE

Gazing upon the school sitting on the blue-hued hill, illuminated by its colorful history and revered credentials, the Ateneo, whether it be the university or high school, is eyed by many hopefuls that dare ascend the slippery slope with unknown stakes—yet, many choose to persevere. Last January 14 and 15, Ateneo Senior High Admission and Placement Exam (A-SHAPE)  takers from all corners of the nation entered the Loyola schools campus with one single purpose in mind—survive and pass the A-SHAPE. 

AHS IndAK bags championship title at Dance Supremacy

Ateneo de Manila High School’s Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan (IndAK) garnered the championship title under the Kings Division, high school category at Dance Supremacy’s inter-school competition held on January 14, 2023 at the Samsung Performing Arts Theatre. 

Why You Shouldn’t Bother Making New Year’s Resolutions

As fireworks go off into the sky and noises such as horns tooting, pots and pans banging, celebratory cheers mark the genesis of the new year, there is one question that also begins to emerge in everybody’s minds as they hug their loved ones and smile bright for the camera: who will I be this year? 

ASHS students bag swimming MVP titles

Swimming. Through the years, what once started as a mere recreational activity has become renowned as one of the world’s most esteemed sports—pushing decades upon decades of athletes to test the limits of a discipline unfamiliar to most humans. Indeed, the ability to plunge past the unyielding resistance of water and propel past the ebb and flow of its waves with utmost precision and grace is artful talent in and of itself—a skill that, like in any other sport, doesn’t always come easy.

[ALY]taptap: Guiding Light for the Hopeful Lamented Fireflies

Have you ever walked inside a room where people glanced as if they were mocking you? Eyes seamlessly darting and judging every move you make. How about hearing their muffled giggles and unbearable whispers? Mouths running as if they were ready to devour what hope is left inside; and have you once felt ashamed of the person you are because of what others perceive you to be? In this world of ours, people of some sort are more or less depreciated or even mocked because of their gender identity; commonly associated with women and the LGBTQ+ community who are undergoing devaluation. Beyond these unruly actions and unfair justice, do you think that these people still have that hope within themselves—and would they—these fireflies continue to flicker and wander despite the world darkening as their light dies? 

Ace It!: Stories From an Uphill Battle

Gaze up from the foot of the hill. Above it, an eagle soars. There are many of you who lie beneath its watchful eye—determined, doubtful, yearning students, armed with but pen and mind. Lines of information familiar like the back of a hand, and dreams of a distant future are but left to thrum through a beating heart. Months of earnest preparation have boiled down to this—but the battle is never truly over until the questionnaire graces the desk.

A Eulogy to the Paradox of Moving on in a Post-Pandemic World

The night before someone passes away, one will dream of green pastures that had bundled mist lifting from its grounds. The sun never set and the flowers never wilt,  almost as if it were a place of infinite grace that spaced between life and death itself. It was peace manifesting into life beyond reality. Who would have thought that this feeling of peace is something worth yearning in the years to come?

Small Details Matter: Bridging Rainbows

Progress. Community. Freedom. These are but a few of the words etched into the mind of a young transferee upon entering the walls of Ateneo for the first time. The courtyard had assemblies of trees, and the classrooms had top-of-the-line equipment. The one thing that caught their eye? The all-gender bathrooms on the second floor of the senior high building.

Katutubong Wika: Perlas ng Perlas ng Silanganan

Sa pagtatapos ng buwan ng Agosto ay siya ring pagdaan ng pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa. Ngayong taon, umikot sa temang “Filipino at Mga Katutubong Wika: Kasangkapan sa Pagtuklas at Paglikha” ang naturang kaganapan. Sa pagpasok ng buwan ng Setyembre, balikan muna ang yamang mensaheng dala ng tema, anong gandang-paraluman nga ba ang dala ng Katutubong Wika?

Political fanaticism’s role in the decay of decency

A shooting incident at the Ateneo Gate 3 was reported July 24, 2:55 PM. As of 5:45 PM via Rappler News, Quezon City Police confirmed that at least three people were dead and the suspect is said to have already been captured.