The Curious Case of a Boy and His Gift

Layer after layer, the boy tore through it all — wrappers, plastic, bubble wrap, to name a few. His excitement shrunk at the same rate his gift’s size did as if half of the enormity of the gift box the delivery man gave him was just measly packaging. After all the layers of torn paper and cut ribbons, he is left with two things: One, a new, shiny, red plastic car, and two, heaps and heaps of packaging waste.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Countless instances time and again prove that in Philippine society, wealth and power are all one needs to get their way. Such wealth and power leads to prominent connections, and eventually to control of the public eye as a whole.

Political fanaticism’s role in the decay of decency

A shooting incident at the Ateneo Gate 3 was reported July 24, 2:55 PM. As of 5:45 PM via Rappler News, Quezon City Police confirmed that at least three people were dead and the suspect is said to have already been captured. 

The Philippine Electoral Process

Amid these times of confusing procedures regarding the elections, most rely on shared content to enlighten their questions. On May 12, Thursday, the Ateneo de Manila University conducted a webinar regarding the Philippine Electoral Counting Process, ranging from the pre-election day to addressing the electoral irregularities that occurred on the election day. A myriad of professionals from different fields such as journalists and legal practitioners to a representative of Kontra Daya responded to numerous prompts throughout the session. Through this shall we become illuminated in the fog of uncertainty, though remain watchful and vigilant of other events to come.

Praying to Fascists: A Tale of Two Bloody Saviors

In the beginning, there was only darkness. “Let there be light,” He said.  The light did not come. Instead, he formed an earth masquerading the dark underneath the surface. The people came into that world covered in blood that wasn’t their own. 


Though the ASHS has come a long, long way from a homophobic and transphobic environment, much still needs to be done to make it a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. 


Among the many struggles and misrepresentations trans people face in their educational journey is the official recognition of their gender identity—one’s personal sense of their own gender.